1875 TAROCCO LIGURE PIEMONTESE Fabbrica di Farinone Battista (Varallo) 61/78 cards

Missing Arcani: Matto, nr. 1,5,6,13,18,19; missing cards: 4S, 6S, AD, 2B, AC, 4C, 7C, 8C, 9C, Horse C. Cards with one head, hand colored, Italian suits, square corners. On the 2 of cups and on the axes the inscription " FARINONE IN VARALLO". In excellent conditions comparable to the new. € 650

1885 c. CARTE PIEMONTESI NON STANDARD Viassone (Torino) 51/52 cards 53x81 mm.

Missing the five of spades. Lithographic printing, two-headed, French suits, square corners and back with blacks diamond pattern with inscribed flower . In the corners of the figures the letters "F", "D", "R". Kept in good condition. € 350

1896 c. PICCHETTO WRITERS D. Saul Modiano (Trieste) 32/36 cards 54x99 mm.

Missing: 7, 9 of Hearts; 10 of Diamonds; 10 of Clubs. On the ace of Hearts: the Austrian tax stamp of 5 Kreuzer, the Centaur logo and the words "MARCA DEPOSITATA" "S. D. MODIANO - TRIESTE ". There is the original quality control ticket Nr. 3. The figures remember the decks printed in 1855 by G.B. Marcovich (Trieste) and in 1880 by Fabbrica Carte da Giuoco Ariodante Mengotti (Trieste). Cards with two heads, French suits, rounded corners. Some cards with superficial abrasions. € 250