1878 c. Global Card Company 52+1 cards – Ø 71 mm.

Rare deck of cards printed between 1878 and 1880 when the printer was called Globe Card Co. and the addres was at 68 Cornihill Street, Boston, Mass. Full deck, some cards with traces of glue on the back. € 300

The Hochman Enciclopedia of American Playing Cards, pag. 297

1893 COLUMBIAN SOUVENIR Playing Cards - G.W. Clark. - 52 cards + 1 joker – 63x88 mm.

Issued for sale at the exposition, each card (on face) depicts a different exposition building, all with Landing of Columbus scene in blue on the reverse, housed sandwiched between two embossed tin covers that are tied together by ribbon.

Remarkably clean condition € 100 

Braun 151; Fournier 60

1903 THE AMERICAN INDIAN SOUVENIR Lazarus & Melzer - Los Angeles - 52 cards + 1 title card – 62x88 mm.

Photos by A.C. Vroman. Fifty two different half tone printed images of Arapahoes, Apaches, Zunis, etc. at work, play, and home.

Gilded edges. On the back is an image of Indian carpet.Almost mint, Ace of hearts slightly damaged. € 180

Braun 1113 - The Hochman Enciclopedia of American Playing Cards, pag. 254

1900 FROM SEA TO SUMMIT Souvenir Playing Cards (New Hampshire & Maine) Chisholm Bros (Portland)

52 cards + 1 title card – 62x88 mm.

In 1899, Mr. Chisholm opened Continental Bag Company in Rumford. Also that year, he organized a group of investors to build Oxford Paper Company for the production of high-quality paper for publication of fine books and magazines and playing cards.

Each card depicts a New Hampshire of Maine scene. Cards with one head, French suits, gilded edges. Mint.  80

1929 NEW ERA Standard Playing Card Co. (Chicago) 52 cards – 57x88 mm.

The cards have the longest sides concave, at the narrowest point in the center they measured 48 mm. On the ace of hearts is the stamp tax Deutsches Reich no. 109. Slightly used. € 45

1940 c.  ART STUDIES Novelties MFG. & Sales Corp. (St.Louis) 52 cards – 58x90 mm.

Each card has a different model posing nude. With the original cardbox. Almost mint. € 40

Braun 1118

1969 Crooked Deck Freed Novelty (New York) 52 cards + 1 j. + 1 guarantee card - 75 x 89 mm.

Mint with original cardboard box. € 25

1978 Giant old maid Western Publishing (Racine, Wisc.) 40 cards + 1 rules card – 90 x 140 mm.

Designed by Whitman. Old Maid is a traditional children's game. Mint with original cardboard box € 35

1981 NEW ORLEANS CARNIVAL CARDS Plastic Coated (New Orleans) 52 cards + 1 joker + 1 extra card – 58x90 mm.

Designed by Harry.D.Wallace. Reprint of the 1925 original printed by Carnival Playing Card Co.- New Orleans.

Suits represented a different Mardi Gras figure:
Spades = Proteas, a sea God;
Hearts = Comus, the God of festivity;
Clubs = Momus, the God of mockery;
Diamonds = Rex, the king of the Mardi Gras.

Mint. € 35

MGM 60955